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rock climbing

We meet weekly on Tuesdays in Esquimalt (at the Work Point Barracks in the Nixon Gym, Building 1367) from 615pm-9pm.

We are looking for youth ages 12-18 in the greater Victoria area who are looking for fun, challenge, and meeting new friends!

If you stop by our cadet corps we can help you out with the following application forms. Feel free to call (250-220-0658) or email ( if you have any questions.

CF 1158 – Application for Membership

DND 2570 – Detailed Health Questionnaire

The following documents detail how late joiners (those that join cadets after their 13th birthday) are still given exciting opportunities in the program.

CATO 40-01 Annex F – Late Joiner Policy

CATO 40-01 Annex F-1 – Managing Late Joiners